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About Our Yak Herd

Welcome! Clear Spring Farm is located on 40 acres in southeast Minnesota, near Welch, which is about 45 miles south of the Twin Cities and 45 miles north of Rochester.

Yak are delightful multipurpose animals that fill a niche market for fiber enthusiasts, farmers and foodies.

Our yak are raised for their luxurious fiber which is harvested in the spring and made into a variety of fiber products (yarn, roving, etc). Yak fiber is similar to cashmere. The fiber from yak is super soft, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking and lanolin-free. 

Clear Spring Farm also processes several yak a year for meat, which is sold to local restaurants and customers. Yak meat is a dark red meat, high in protein, low in saturated fat, low in cholesterol, yet high in omega fats. The meat is comparable to bison: slightly sweet, without any gamey flavor. Health-conscious folks, foodies and artisan chefs find yak meat a wonderful alternative to conventional beef.

​If interested in purchasing your own yak, Clear Spring Farm has starter herds and pets available.

About Us


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Meet The Herd